8 Ways to Keep Your Home in Tip-Top Shape

Protect Your Home Year-Round with These 8 Maintenance Tips

Whether you’re a new homeowner or an experienced do-it-yourselfer around the house, these handy tips will help protect your investment year-round

Safety first

– Replace the batteries in all smoke and carbon monoxide

detectors. It’s also a good time to make sure that any fire extinguishers

in your home are in working order.

Look up

– Inspect your attic and roof for leaks, missing shingles and ventilation issues. It’s also a good idea to check on the chimney, as well as attic fans and vents.

In the bathroom

– Inspect grout and caulk around bathtubs, sinks and showers. Get rid of cracked grout and replace missing grout.

Seal tile

Discolored and mildewed caulk should be cleaned and might need to be replaced with new caulk.

In the kitchen

– Clean appliances, including refrigerator coils and underneath the range hood. Remove and clean or replace range hood filters. Clean faucet aerators and replace washers as necessary. Don’t forget the drain!

Keep the weather out

– Inspect doors and windows for drafts and replace/install weather stripping where needed.

Bug out

– Inspect your home for signs of termites such as tunnels or buckling wood, swollen floors and ceilings. Termite damage can look similar to water damage. Call an exterminator if you think you’ve got termites.

Clean it out

– Flushing mineral deposits out of your hot water heater can extend the life of this important appliance.

Don’t forget

– Did you know your garage door needs cleaning, inspection and lubrication of its springs at least once a year?

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