Kyle Wood

Kyle Wood

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Home Ownership Is Powerful! Since housing is always going to be an expense; we think it makes sense to experience the benefits ownership. Most people don’t even realize all the wonderful ways that owning a home can have a positive impact on their finances throughout the course of their lives. We wish we’d have known and taken advantage of these benefits earlier on in “adulthood.”

Our goal is to pass this information along to anyone who wants to learn. Let’s just start by saying that interest rates are only one element of the complete plan and we take pride in helping clients understand the big picture. We practice what we preach and if we can figure this out; you can too!



Kyle is a layman and has a professional but laid-back style. He values an educational approach and has the unique ability to really understand his client’s situation / goals. If you’re a first-time buyer trying to “get in the game” (and you definitely should be); he’s got a lot of options and creative ideas for you to consider. He will always be YOUR ADVOCATE during the home buying process, and will never put a commission in from your best interests. Period.


If you are home-owner currently and are carrying any kind of debt load, we have a number of solutions to help you pay off your debt (INCLUDING the MORTGAGE) in half the time WITHOUT CHANGING your spending habits. We also have some great programs for investors who are looking to build long term wealth in real estate without all the risk of hard money and short-term financing. Finding the right mortgage solution is our number one priority and we take pride in providing options that allow you to concentrate on making the best decision for today and years to come.


Kyle is a Colorado native and a happily married father of two kiddos and one Zeus. He enjoys a diverse set of hobbies including chess, poker games, hunting, BBQ cook offs and a good round of golf. Kyle enjoys learning new things and meeting new people. His approach to business mirrors his family values in that he enjoys quality time with good people, problem solving, and prioritizes telling the truth over making a “sale.”